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palette finance

Why are we going to Matic?

First of all, it’s not a migration, it’s an expansion. We have a very small market capitalisation and a huge explosion potential. But to do that, we need more TVL. That’s why we rely on Polygon Network to attract new investors to our ecosystem through Palette Finance. There are currently only a few farms at Matic, and all of them are winning huge TVL. We need to take advantage of this situation. If we can get high TVL and users on Polygon, then of course they will get to know blueswap on BSC as we use the same TG and…

BLUESWAP, the 1st product of Palette Finance, is expanding to MATIC(Polygon) Network as BLACKSWAP.

Blackswap will have it’s own dex and aims to be #1 DEX on Matic chain. After the successful launching on MATIC, BSC integration will come with blueswap through *Wormhole and *rainbow bridge, **Dual chain sketchbox.

🔒The vault is equipped with a lock that can only be opened after certain block. New farms will be opened in the future with the income from delegated farming.
⏳ This lock means that if you deposit into the vault, you will not have access to your tokens for a predetermined period of time.
🔓The opening time of the lock on the vault will vary from a few days to up to a week in each case.
💰Each vault will have a predetermined total reward from which you will receive a share based on your deposited tokens after each block.

On Layered farming

🧢Q1. What is the purpose of layered farming (GREEN, PURPLE and future colours)?

Layered farming makes natives token valuable by enabling them to farm new tokens with less inflation.

Also, contract already deployed cannot be changed.

So to add new functions or fix something, we should deploy newly developed farms.

Layers are not one-directional flow. Organically connecting them to contribute each other would be the point.

🧢 Q2. Is layered farming like any other yield farming sites where one takes advantage of high APRs and exit before others? At the end of the day, this is a…

Today we’ll feature some thoughts from our Bluest developer around our Tokenomics.

This musing is entitled : The Fight Against Inflation
The biggest enemy to a successful yield farm project is inflation!

As an active farmer myself, I know that high yield can’t realistically be sustained without a close, watchful eye and constant tweeks from the projects team. ‘Inflation is the enemy of yield farmers, while increased and sustained TVL is its best friend’.

We’ve been audited twice for all our contracts.

BSC-checker and WOR.

You are safe with BLUESWAP :)

You can always see the audit result here. :

*we’ll get you updated right away when we get the paper result!

  • Mint function is only accessible to the farm (MasterPainter / MasterGreen) — No migrator function present

Next upcoming AMA is on 25th Mar. 1AM UTC with BSCchat!

$BLUE #DeFi #BLUESWAP #YieldFarming #BNB #BSC #BinanceSmartChain

We’ve been whitelisted at ValueDefi, through their council approval process.

Are you afraid of Impermanent loss when you make a paired LP?

Don’t worry now. You can use valueDefi’s 90/10% pool which decreases IL.

Fisrt, buy $BLUE and $GREEN. since it’s a 90/10% pool you should buy much more green than blue to make a pair.

Follow the link below

Apeswap X BlueSwap ! Did you know that ?

You can harvest $BLUE at Blueswap with Apeswap’s BANANA X BLUE LP tokens.


STEPs to follow :


palette finance

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