Grand launching of our GREEN LAYER is ready and live!

GREEN TOKEN : The First and the most important token of Palette’s layer and also the core Token of Palette universe next to $BLUE.

After One week the block reward will significantly be reduced! So hurry and Earn!
please note that there will be no more presales after the $Green!

Fees from BLUE & GREEN pools will ALL be burnt. Especially, the $BLUE burning pool will burn the fees automatically.

⚡️⚡️💚 Limited Presale for $GREEN💚 ⚡️⚡️

Last presale at our palette universe will be done with very small cap to fund credential secondary AUDITs, initial liquidity, Marketing fees, dev and designer payouts. There will be five bounce sale pools with different price. First come first serve. The difference will be only 2% each to prevent huge price gap which triggers dumping but just enough to give incentives to early birds. Sales will last 3 hours and the left over green (would — → will) be burnt after providing LPs, airdrops, rewards for volunteered CMs.

Time : Now ~ 10AM UTC+0 ( about -1hr )

🧢 Total hard cap of 5 pools : 326 BNB. / 20000GREEN

🟢 GREEN : 0xa4FB1f591980e6E4eb4661A0D96df19A13D21aA7

🪣 Max per capita : 20 BNB / No minimum

🌈 average price : 4.5$ ( 275.4448USDT/BNB )

🎨 Total supply : Less than 80000 GREEN will be released due to block reduction and burning system.

💵 Price 4.32$ /only 4000 :

💵 Price 4.41$ /only 4000 :

💵 Price 4.5$ /only 4000 :

💵 Price 4.59$ /only 4000 :

💵 Price 4.68$ /only 4000 :



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